Hey, fellow traveller.

This used to be one of those run-of-the-mill coaching websites. Emotional image on top that conjures despair and/or hope. Then, the text starts by telling you which problems you might have:

Crisis. Burnout. Anxiety. Divorce. An unproductive, unmotivated, meaningless life and/or job. Money, sex and sleep, or lack of either.

So you start reading, and of course you start nodding because some of these problems look and feel familiar. You make your way through the website when, poof, the picture of The Coach scrolls into view, all smiles. Coach says something along the lines of, hi there, this is me, these are my credentials, and this is how I can help you, so now click here to buy. Or, hey, you can also read these 18 free articles and sign up for my newsletter, and THEN click here to buy.


You see, business, and the coaching and therapy business in particular, is all about human connection. And human connection is about trust. And trust doesn’t, like, appear out of nowhere. So I decided to no longer waste my time trying to lure you into clicking a BUY NOW button, and also to not waste any of your time to decide if the words you’re reading are really me or just a ploy. (It’s me, in case you’re wondering.)

Maybe you’ve got a problem or two, and I’ve maybe got ways to help you solve them and become a better, happier person. That’s what coaching is all about, right? Connecting with clients in meaningful ways to help them get better.

I’ve got lots of methods and certificates and testimonials and this and that. Also, most of my clients liked our work quite a lot and paid happily, so I think I’ve got something going for me.

But in the 23 (and counting) years that I’ve been doing this weird job I learned that firstly, yes, you can start a sentence with “but,” and that, secondly, what really counts is building meaningful connections. And taking oneself not oh so fucking serious. (Which is challenging for me as a German, put mildly.)

Hi, I’m Matt. I’m pretty sure that I can help you with your issues so you can emerge on the other side of your crisis as a better, bolder, happier person.

But of course we haven’t met, so I won’t ask you to click any BUY NOW button as that would be madness because why should you.

What you could do however is contact me on LinkedIn or email me or give me a spontaneous FaceTime video call and we can have a chat over coffee.

In any case, thank you. Coffee is on me.